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Mountain Lake

Hope Happens Here

Sometimes we all need a Helping Hand
and if you are dealing with...


  • Divorce

  • Pre-foreclosure

  • Tax leins

  • Massive debt

  • Sudden relocation

  • Devastating storm damage

  • Overwhelming expensive repairs

  • Sudden unemployment

  • Inheritance with mortgage

  • Mold/asbestos/foundation issues

  • Destructive or unruly tenants

Consider reaching for our Helping Hand, and get a Fresh Start!

If you are dealing with a difficult situation and need solutions and money FAST, please consider reaching for our Helping Hand!

Piggy Bank


Including all closing costs!
No auctions or signs in your yard!
Car Race


No open houses or strangers walking through your house when you’re not home, and can close in 2-4 weeks!


No inspections or repairs needed before closing!
 We buy your home

CEO Profile

I’m Lane Looney, and I work full-time as a Registered Nurse in a local Charlotte, North Carolina hospital, in the operating room. I have a deep passion for helping my patients during a time when they are truly struggling with their health and sometimes, their lives. Compassion for these patients is what drives me to continue caring for them, day after day. Serving them provides me with so much fulfillment, that I now strive to touch lives, outside of the operating room, and into their living room, during some of the most difficult times they may face. 


When a single mom is facing pre-foreclosure on her home due to not being able to afford the payments anymore, I can help.


When a family has inherited more than just their aunt’s home after her passing, but also inherits the extra mortgage they cannot possibly afford, I can help.


When a couple divorces, and anger blinds them to the steps they need to take in order to go live their separate lives, I can help.


When property taxes rise, a property sits vacant in disrepair, or a fire, flood or storm leaves devastating remains, I can help. 


There could be any number of reasons someone would need to offload a property quickly, easily, and without a hassle. I am in the business of relationship investing by helping you get a FRESH START. I want to create WIN-WIN solutions that can save you money, save you time, save you back-breaking work, save your credit, and hopefully save your sanity! I am not a real estate agent, but I do invest in fixer-uppers of all kinds, and alleviate the problems that you face in the process. A true WIN-WIN! 

How It Works:

  1. You invite us to come and look at your property for a risk-free consultation.

  2. We estimate repairs needed to make your home comparable to others like it nearby.

  3. We make you an offer, most times within the same day. You are under no obligation to sell to us.

  4. If you accept our offer, we can close in as little as 2 weeks! You set the pace! 

  5. Breathe! Relax! And trust that if you or a friend or relative encounters difficulties such as yours, you know exactly who to call!

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